University Grants Commission initiated a unique education television experiment in 1982 and named it as Country Wide Class Room (CWCR) Project. With the objective to exploit the reach and potential of Television in education, University Grants Commission (UGC) began the transmission of Countrywide Classroom (CWCR) concept form 15th Aug. 1984 through the National Doordarshan network so that high quality university level education can also reach to the most remote parts of India and thereby provide equal opportunity of development to students of such areas.

Besides this, UGC needed quality educational programmes and for this various Media Centres like Educational Media Research Centre (EMRC) and Audio Visual Research Centre (AVRC) had been set up in the premier universities of India.

At present there are 22 such Media Centres in India - Educational Media Research Centre Sagar, is one among them, and serving with the same objective of educational television.


EMRC-Sagar is situated on the picturesque hill of Dr. Hari Singh Gour Central University Sagar in Madhya Pradesh of India. This centre is involved in the production of educational short films/ documentaries, e-contents and video lectures which are designed to question the answer rather than answer the question. A window to the stimulating world knowledge, our programmes serve to upgrade, update and enrich the quality of education.

This Centre started producing educational documentaries in 1997 for telecast in National TV Channels. Established by Dr. Hari Singh Gour Central University This Centre is fully funded by University Grants Commission, Ministry of Human Resource Development of India, New Delhi. The centre is involved in the production of enrichment and educational documentaries for higher education for telecast through National TV Channels namely DD-1, DD-Bharti, Gyan Darshan, etc. and the 24 hours higher educational channel namely VYAS.


Equipped with broadcast quality of professional equipments for the pre and post production of the Television programmes, the Centre also has modern equipments needed for Satellite Interaction Terminal (SIT) and two ways Audio-Video Conferencing. The process of procuring latest equipments is in progress.







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